Copenhagen Cricket Club DenmarkCopenhagen Cricket club is located in Terrasserne from Denmark Country, founded on 14 August, 2011 by Mr. Sheikh M. Saleem. Copenhagen Cricket Club is coached by Mr. Sheikh Saleem, Mr. Umad Rashid and Mr. Hasan Mirza. Copenhagen cricket club has more than 100 active members. This club has Youth, Boys, Junior, Senior and Girls team.

Copenhagen Cricket club constantly aims to be the biggest club in the area by providing a friendly, enjoyable and competitive cricketing environment for players of all ages and abilities. Copenhagen Cricket club have 5 team listed below:-

  • Copenhagen Cricket Club I – 2nd Division
  • Copenhagen Cricket Club II – 3rd Division
  • Junior Team
  • Youth Team
  • Girls Team

Copenhagen Cricket Club has played Leagues/tournaments/Series which are as follows:-

  • T20 Series
  • One day Series
  • 3rd Division Series
  • Junior Series

Copenhagen Cricket Club Management Commttee: -

  • Founder, Chairman and Coach – Mr. Sheikh Saleem
  • Vice Chairman, PR and Marketing – Mr. Jorgen Mizander
  • Treasurer – Mr. Jes Kring
  • In-charge Senior Team – Mr. Nazir Malik


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