Vital Five Cricket Club is based in Karachi has made a significant impact on Karachi Cricket. The club is newly established Cricket Club from Karachi being less than 5 years old. The club provides top quality cricket facilities to the cricket players and their members to improve the quality of the cricket. The club is doing extremely well in past 5 years.

Vital Five Cricket Club's Mission, Vision and Goals towards Cricket.

Mission: To Create a safe, Enjoyable and productive environment in which club and academy cricketers can excel.

Vision: Develop club cricket and provide training to be the center of opportunity.

Goal: Community Hub where people, trainees to enjoy, Productive environment in which cricket is played and control.

The Club has played highly competitive tournaments such as:

  • Ramzan Tournament
  • NBP Premier League
  • Champions Trophy etc.

Current playing facilities provided by the club:

  • Fitness Center
  • Vital Five Cricket Ground
  • Changing Room
  • Dressing Room
  • Accommodation
  • Indoor Cricket Arena
  • Cricket Nets
  • Vital Five Cricket Academy.

Coaching facilities provided by the club:

The club has assigned a well managed team for players fitness and mental strength:

  • Haris A Khan - Deputy Coach
  • Waqar Hussain - Manager
  • Pervaiz Rizvay - Team Doctor
  • Akbar Alam - Assistance Coach
  • Jalal Uddin - Head Coach
  • Hassan Ahmed - Cricket Analyst
  • Ibrahim Qure - Trainer


The club has been developed very nicely and in a structured way. It provides quality cricket to the players. We at wish you all the very best for the club's future in cricket.

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