Stadium Cricket Club is based in Pune and the club was founded in 1982 at Pandit Jawaharlal Stadium under the direction of Mr Bharat Marwadi. The club has very focused schedule for the players and the club is always looking for the overall growth of the player. Which they have proven by providing an state level players. Few of them are representing most known tournament like Indian Premier League and Maharashtra Premier League matches. Stadium Cricket Club believes in Simplicity and the pillars of the cricket.

Cricket Coaching at Stadium Cricket Club:

The club also offers the quality coaching staff for the players development. The coaches focuses on each an every players improving their skills techniques and shares their experience with the players for the further journey.
The coaches not only focus on the skills and techniques, development of the club but also concentrate on the other abilities and the physical strength of the players There are many more aspects of the coaching that Stadium Cricket Club covers I have list down all the aspects bellow

  • Techniques Correction of all the aspects of the game
  • Developing and improving mental Skills
  • On field Monitoring of players
  • Creation and execution of game plans
  • Developing and maintaining the teamwork and team focus
  • Weakness identification in opposing players.
  • Overcoming mental limitations (such as fear of failure and lack of self confidence)
  • The club also providing the goal setting for each and every players as per their interests in the game.

They have very well simplified the term “Cricket”

The cricket has to be a Fun
Easy to understand and setup easily and can be played anywhere
Cricket can be played with any number of players


Stadium cricket club has mentioned their principles towards the game of Cricket and every club must have their own principle to improve the interest of the players and to maintain the Discipline in the club and also improve the overall growth of the players and the club as well.

  • Welcome
  • Embrace
  • Celebrate
  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Respect

Stadium Cricket Club provides opportunities to all, the club also knows that few players do not get full time opportunity to contribute in cricket. For which the club also addresses them to take further steps.


Master. Sahil Kotheri a player from Stadium Cricket Club currently representing Maharashtra under 14 and Under 16 teams.

The club is also participating in various under 14 tournament held in Pune to promote youth cricket.

We at wish you all the very best for further journey in cricket. Keep supporting Us.

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