Heidelberg Cricket Club is based in South Africa. The club was formed in 1930. The club used to practices on the turf wicket and according to the legends this was one of only 3 turf pitches from Gauteng. After that the club closed dew to world war and again the club was opened in 1950 and continued to run until 1994. During 1999 Bernard Raubenheimer decided to start Junior cricket in Heidelberg Cricket Club in ordered to provide a medium and an opportunity to learn more about the game. The senior section of the club followed in 2002 with only one team that played in Gauteng Cricket Board - Sunday league.

After that the club have come back on track and the currently has 3 senior teams. The teams are divided into Sunday and Saturday league matches. Sunday First XI plays in Promotion league matches of the Gauteng Cricket Board and is the flagship team of the Club consisting a team of only senior players. Sunday Second XI team plays in a division 4 of the Gauteng Cricket Board leagues and the team consist of some junior players with 3 senior players.  Saturday First XI plays in division 2 of the Gauteng Cricket Board, this team is consist of Senior players and High School players. Saturday Second XI plays in Division 8 of Gauteng cricket Board and consist of new High school and Junior players. The club used to do there practice session on every Tuesday and Thursday from 4: 30 pm onwards (Only in summer).

There are also a few Junior teams from Heidelberg Cricket Club. The club caters teams in respective age groups from Under-9 to Under-13.

Here are few Achievements of Heidelberg cricket Club
1) Highest score by Sunday Team: 438 runs vs Old Parks in 2005 (SU 3 league)
2) Highest score by Saturday Team:  307 runs
3) League Winners (since 2002)

  • Sunday Team - 7 times
  • Saturday Team - 5 times

4) Oldest Player playing Senior cricket- 52 years - Mr. Bernard Raubenheimer 

The club is open for the Sponsorship. The club can promote your business at there places, there are various options for the sponsorship and promotion depending your Budget for more details you can contact the club.

We at www.globalcricketcommunity.com wish you all the very best for further journey in cricket.

Heidelberg Cricket Club - http://www.heidelbergcc.co.za/

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