This section of Global Cricket community is dedicated for Player's as well as Official's Profile. Profiles are maintained and updated by our team in order to ensure quality and up-to-date information. 

Objective of Profiles:

Profiles tell us more about any individual or particular team. These profiles contain various information such as Personal Details, Cricket Details including the statistics, Articles related to a player or an official and photo gallery. Combining all the above mentioned things, a profile is activated which becomes and online identity of that player or an official. You can view your previous records and achievements and the same can be updated on your profile page. 

Benefits of having Profiles:

1. These profiles can be shared on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. 
2. You get to express your feelings about Cricket and the community as a whole through articles and blog posts.
3. By having accurate and updated data, your chances of getting noticed increases.
4. You can have your cricket related pictures uploaded on your profile.

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