United States of America - Cricket:

Cricket is popular and well established in USA. Having a diverse population from settled in USA who are from around the world, cricket is played in almost all states of USA. Currently, USA is preparing to host the World Cricket League Division 4 at Los Angeles. Different formats of cricket are played by the locals at the universities, high schools, clubs, and tournaments.

Cricket Structure and Culture:

Cricket is played in a well-structured manner at grass root level with over 1000 clubs and more that 24000 active players. The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), headquartered at Miami Beach is the national governing body for all cricket in the United States. The board was formed in 1965. With over 600 playing fields in the US, anybody of any skill level and gender should find playing opportunities within easy reach of where they live. USACA is an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council.

USACA official website: www.usaca.org

The USACA has 51 state association members across seven zones (Atlantic, New York, South East, North East, Central West, Central East, West Coast) in the United States.

Cricket Clubs at USA:

 There are clubs in USA playing youth leagues and regional tournaments. Here is a small list of Clubs - (More USA Cricket Clubs)

Oakville Cricket Club

Oakville Cricket Club is based in Canada and it is one of the fastest growing cricket club. The club was founded 13 years back with the goal of encouraging youth and female participation and providing facilities where cricket coaching can be affordable at a grassroot level. The club is always enthusiastic about cricket where they provide free coaching seminars and initial knowledge to the cricket lovers.

Hoboken Cricket Club

Hoboken Cricket Club was founded in March 2001. The club was one of the founding cricket club in millennium Cricket league. The club is focusing on social cricket just by playing in social leagues and in an abundance of friendly matches in New York. Currently the club has more than 50 laying members.

South Park Cricket Club

South Park Cricket Club was founded in 2004 by a group of Gentleman who used to play competitive cricket for fun. The club is one of the fast growing Cricket Clubs in the Carolinas. The club creates irreplaceable friendship on and off the ground, play with full dedication and hard practices and thrilling matches.

Corinthian Cricket Club

Corinthian Cricket Club is based in Los Angeles for more than 50 years. The club was founded in 1934. The club was founded by few expatriates from England by their mutual understanding and love towards cricket. At that time cricket was unknown to the country and only 3 clubs were established that time in the Los Angeles. Currently the club is running under the strong committee and president Mr. Kelly Dunagan and Vice President Mr. Phil Traynor.

Charlotte Lions Cricket Club

Charlotte Lions Cricket Club is located at 100, Lakhany Dr. in Gastonia – USA. Charlotte Lions Cricket Club is one of the leading & most famous cricket club in Piedmont region. Charlotte Cricket Club was three times champions of Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference (MACC) in 2001, 2004 and 2007 and one time Runners-Up in 2008. Along with this the club is Carolina Cricket League Champions of 2010 and runner-up in 2011 and 2014. CLCC is a group of cricket-loving players who have earned lot of respect as the most disciplined team in Carolina. The club loves the game, and they love the camaraderie and fraternity of playing on a team of brothers who selflessly support one another and have fun playing this game together.

Cricket Tournaments of USA:

These are some of the regional leagues played in USA.

NYPD Cricket League
Massachusetts State Cricket League
National Cricket League
California Cricket League
North West Cricket League

USA Tourism and Cricket Tours:

USA Tourism Official Website: http://www.gousa.in/

Tourism in the United States is a large industry that serves millions of international and domestic tourists yearly. Tourists visit the US to see natural wonders, cities, historic landmarks, and entertainment venues. Americans seek similar attractions, as well as recreation and vacation areas. The 50 states may be united by a common government and language, but you will find many cultural differences throughout the USA. The United States does not have an official language, but English is the most commonly spoken language and it is the official language in a number of states. Increasingly, information is also provided in Spanish because of the significant Latino population in the U.S. Besides English, the most commonly spoken languages in the U.S. are Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, German, Korean, Arabic, Russian and Italian.

Cricket Tours: Gullivers Sports Travel is the UK’s leading and longest established sports tour operator. Cricket in America is still embryonic compared to other emerging cricket nations, held back by its sheer size. However there are pockets of very well organised areas such as Florida (which boasts a 1st class cricket stadium), California, Philidelphia and New York where very competitive fixtures can be secured for your team. Fixtures are predominantly available only for adult teams – but in some areas Under 18 fixtures can be found – but only at a lower level. With a huge number of ex-pats, West Indians and Sub Continent players, it is a real multi cultural experience to play cricket in the USA.

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