23 ways to earn, enjoy and share through Global Cricket Community.

Swapnil Karekar is a strategist, coach, businessman and cricketer. He has experience in cricket, entrepreneurship and consultancy of over 10 years. He has studied cricket opportunities, created projects, coached individuals and groups towards reaching their dreams and goals. His coaching and strategy has great results for his followers and clients.

Be Great Love Cricket is an expression of strategy, plan and passion to be your unique self and be great at what you do the best. Swapnil Karekar talks about passion and personality required to be great in the field of cricket. Earning money, respect and satisfaction is all possible for anyone who truly loves Cricket and is ready to be Great in whatever he does in the global cricket community.

The Book has ways to be

• Be a better person, be great at whatever you choose

• improve your success and success habits,

• earning opportunities that can bring money, respect and satisfaction

• Sharing your skills and efforts to help, support, and celebrate others.

• Ways to join and be a member of global cricket community

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