Your involvement with the global cricket community is very important and help us make an impact on the various projects or cricket development and community development. Here is how you can get involved with Global Cricket Community and become a Community Leader for all.

You and get involved and fund Global Cricket Community for the following cricket work;

1. Funds for Cricket Websites:

Cricket websites play a very important role in todays cricket world. The club structure, history, operations, tournaments, practice and promotion for cricket and sponsors all can be done strongly with a website for the club, association, development project or tournament. We provide the design, development, training, promotion and complete project for cricket websites that help the members grow in cricket development and fundraising. 

2. Funds for Cricket Equipment and Gear:

Cricket equipment is a basic requirement for the cricket development in many countries that play cricket. Cricket equipment of basic level for juniors and professional cricket kits for senior clubs and academies are requested by GCC members from 95 countries. We provide them with old/semi-used kits, fresh kits and cricket training equipment. You can give funds to Global Cricket Community to give equipment to various academies, clubs and associations in junior, youth, senior groups for men and women cricket. 

3. Funds for Cricket Development activities:

Cricket activities are regularly needed to be conducted to spread the sport and to generate community development activities related to health, education and social causes. We provide the funds and promotion to the cricket leaders and community leaders to conduct these activities. You can get involved by giving Global Cricket Community the funds to conduct and support such activities in different countries.

4. GCC Projects:

Swapnil Karekar the founder or Global Cricket Community has various projects for Cricket Community Development. You can choose any the projects to get involved and fund the projects. The projects include funds for certain person/member's development as players, coach or official certification, also for cricket tours, cricket entrepreneurship, and social projects. You can give funds and support for these projects.

To know what can you get in return is promotions, banner ads and other benefits for giving funds and fundraising please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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