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GLOBAL CRICKET COMMUNITY is a project by Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP. We are based in Mumbai, India.

What is the Purpose of Global Cricket Community Website?

To provide a networking website for cricket players, amateurs, fans, coaches, officials, clubs and everyone involved in cricket.

Currently, 104 Countries officially play cricket and some more are forming national associations.

Through this website, we shall try and reach in far corners of the world and provide exposure and interaction about cricket. 
With the regular and active interaction, we shall help growth in the technical, social and economic development of the Global Cricket Community members.

What Exactly should you do to get involved ?

The first thing you can do now is Register and become a member on Global Cricket Community Website.
Cricket is a sport played on a ground with a bat, ball, and other setups as per the level of cricket in your area or region. We understand that mere online talks and chats are not enough for a good cricket community.

What we need is real action, playing cricket from grass-root levels to profession levels. Interactions between individuals and groups, fans, players, clubs, officials, organisations and international brands.

This can provide lots of opportunities to all of us. From playing cricket, to coaching and conducting tournaments, to promotions of your clubs, to raising funds, to events, sports & social causes.

Reaching out the smallest to the largest who are ready to maintain the Cricket Spirit and Interact to Grow together using the Global Cricket Community website!

Global Cricket Community also understands the importance of cricket clubs. Clubs are the ecosystem where cricket grows. We have website users and registered members of clubs from around 104 cricket playing nations. Over 1300 cities and 134 countries visit the global cricket community website as per our google analytics statistics. We have cricket club web pages where we promote clubs and also generate opportunities for clubs, cricket enthusiasts, and businesses to Earn, Enjoy, and Share.

Cricket Clubs around the world can become Verified Cricket Clubs on the global cricket community website by simply sharing the required club data and answering a simple questionnaire with Global Cricket Community and avail benefits like host tours or tour in 104 cricket playing nations, host or participate in tournaments and get a chance to improve your Cricket and Business Networking Opportunities. For making your club a Verified Cricket Club on the global cricket community website, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, there are a lot of benefits one can avail by being a Registered Member / Verified Member at the Global Cricket Community website. You can check out the benefits at

So please join the Global Cricket Community and for any suggestions or queries please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is our global community so we can keep enhancing the various features gradually to help all the members around the world.

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